Members of the media wishing to attend the SSAA SHOT Expo held in Sydney, 23-24 June 2018,  must carefully read the information below and complete a Media Application before the closing date, 28 May 2018.

Applicants are asked to read the following agreement and return the application prior to the closing date.

1. The closing date for applications is 28 May 2018. Any late applications may be refused.

To download the application, CLICK HERE>>

Submission of an application does not guarantee that a pass will be issued and there are limited numbers of media passes available. Having been granted a pass in the past does not guarantee that a pass will be issued again and applications are processed on basis of merit.

2. You may be asked to provide documentary evidence to substantiate your application. In addition to this application, all photographers and/or media personnel working specifically for an agency or publication should provide a letter of appointment from that agency/publication.

3. Passes are non-transferrable. If the specified photographers and/or media personnel listed on the application is unavailable for the event a new application should be filed to establish any changes. All media personnel will be required to carry photo identification and display their media pass at all times throughout the event.

4. By applying for a media pass it is understood that you have read and agreed to these rules and abide by the terms and conditions and by-laws of the event. Failure to read these rules does not warrant any exemption from the adherence to these rules. Failure to abide by these rules during the event may result in the media person or the media group being removed from the premises.

6. Conduct

– At all times media personnel should follow the directions given by SSAA SHOT Expo officials, this includes the cessation of filming or photography in certain instances.

– Media personnel may interview general public and attendees with their permission.

7. Media personnel must:

* Ask exhibitors to be interviewed/ filmed/ recorded when convenient and adhere to any sensitive material/ trademark policies that may have.

* Ask special guests/ distinguished guests interviewed/ filmed/ recorded when convenient.

* Provide filmed/recorded and interviewed material to Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia and/ or organisers at their request at no cost. This may be used for post-event marketing and future event promotion.

* Interview the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia and/ or its related businesses.

* Not defame the Event or Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia or its related businesses.

* Interview Expo sponsors.

* Accept the wishes of event attendees that do not wish to be filmed, except in the case of crowd and group shots.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to fully abide by all these terms for SSAA SHOT Expo Sydney 2018.

To download the application, CLICK HERE>>