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The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia was established in 1948 in order to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners’ interests. Those roles remain the same today, and with more than 180,000 members and 400 clubs, the SSAA is the premier shooting body representing licensed firearm owners in Australia.

Membership Benefits

The SSAA runs hundreds of shooting clubs around the country and represents the interests of firearms owners, shooters and hunters on a national and international level.

Financial members of the SSAA are entitled to public liability and personal accident insurance for their shooting and hunting activities through SSAA Insurance Brokers. The brokerage can also assist members with their other personal and commercial needs, such as motor vehicle, boat, caravan, travel, business, and home and contents insurance. Members may also choose to upgrade their annual membership to the SSAA’s $25 Members Firearms Insurance to receive $25,000 worth of firearms and fixed firearm accessories insurance.

In addition to this, some of the practical benefits of SSAA membership include complimentary access to the Australian Shooter, The Junior Shooter, ASJ, SSAA National E-newsletter and special report publications; discounts on our quarterly Australian Hunter, annual Australian & New Zealand Handgun and other shooting and hunting magazines; and discounts on advertising on our SSAA Gun Sales website. SSAA members can also purchase some great merchandise through the SSAA Store.

The SSAA is Australia’s biggest hunting advocacy and training organisation. We are involved in game management committees and stakeholder groups to ensure the best outcome for hunters, and provide training and education programs to ensure ethical hunting practices. SSAA members interested in extending their conservation efforts may be able to join a Conservation & Wildlife Management branch in their respective state or territory after passing the accreditation programs. Our SSAA Farmer Assist program also provides members with increased access to hunting opportunities while helping out Australian farmers with their pest management issues.

Applying for Membership

If you would like to become a member of the SSAA, you can apply for new SSAA membership online and pay by credit card or Paypal. Or if you would prefer, you can apply for new SSAA membership by downloading a membership form and mailing or faxing it to the SSAA National Membership Office.

Further information
Within ten working days, we shall post you a letter indicating your new membership number and the date of membership expiry. This will satisfy most legal requirements for proof of membership.

For any membership queries, please contact the National Membership Office on phone (02) 8805 3900, fax (02) 9832 9377 or email or visit the