Read below to read Frequently Asked Questions about the SSAA SHOT Expo:

Visiting the SSAA SHOT Expo

What are the visiting rules? 

There are strict guidelines for visiting the SSAA SHOT Expo, please CLICK HERE to view the visiting rules. You must comply with these to be granted entry into the event.

If I leave the show, can I get back in? 

Yes. All visitors to the show can collect a special wristband before exiting to allow unlimited entry over the two days. Please note that wristbands are non transferable and will be void if they appear to be tampered with.

What else will be happening?

When you are not checking out the hundreds of brands on display, the SSAA SHOT Expo also has Free demos and expert talks from 10am-3pm daily, Working Gun Dog demonstrations at 11am & 2pm daily, Indoor Shooting & Archery Ranges, R-licence testing and more.

Can I bring the kids? 

Yes. Children 15 years and younger can attend however must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Outside of checking out all the exhibits, there will be a jumping castle and face painters at the show to keep the kids entertained. Kids aged 11 years and older can even have a go at the Indoor Shooting Range.

Firearms and Ammunition

Can I view and hold the firearms on display at the event?

Yes you can, under the supervision of a exhibitor/staff member. All firearms at the SSAA SHOT Expo are rendered inoperable.

Can I buy firearms at the show?

Persons with a valid Firearms license can purchase firearms/weapons at the event. Firearms & weapons may be purchased at the event in the following ways:

– Deposit is taken for collection from your preferred local shop/dealer once the required process with QLD Weapons & Licensing has taken place after the event.
– If you have a PTA (Permit to Acquire) for a CAT A or CAT B firearm and it has been processed, and the dealer has the firearm in stock at the event with the model, calibre, serial number; then a transaction may take place at the event. If this does occur then the dealer will notify security upon your exit, and you will be escorted with your purchase to the loading dock for immediate departure whereby you will need to comply with QLD Weapons and Licensing for personal transport and storage of the firearm.

What types of firearms will be available for purchase? 

Category A, B, C, H and M firearms/weapons will be on display and  available for purchase

Can i buy ammunition? 

Yes, ammunition will be available for purchase from select exhibitors. Those wishing to purchase ammunition must produce a current/valid QLD Firearms Licence.

I want to see one of the exhibitors about a firearm I own, can I bring it with me to the show? 

NO, you can not bring any firearms or weapons of any kind to the show. There is a high level of security and police at the show and you will be denied entry as per our visiting rules

Licensing & Testing

Can I apply for a firearms licence at the event? 

QLD Weapons and Licensing will be present at the event to answer any of your questions regarding firearms licence applications and regulations.

Can I get a licence at the event? 

No. To obtain a Firearms licence QLD Weapons and Licensing must first process your licence application which includes necessary background checks in accordance with State and Federal Law.

What is an R-licence? 

The Restricted licence (R-licence) allows you to hunt game and feral animals on public land that has been declared for hunting and opened, or on private land with the permission of the landholder in NSW.

Can I get an R-Licence (Restricted Licence) at the event? 

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia QLD (SSAA) and NSW Department of Primary Industries will be conducting R-licence testing on site at the event. To book your test please contact the SSAA state office on 07 3281 3447 or email enquiry@ssaaqld.org.au.